The SCRIP program includes over 60 local and national vendors. When you purchase a SCRIP certificate, the vendor donates a percentage of your purchase to Sacred Heart School. You can use the certificate just like cash! Click HERE to view the scrip form.

Welcome to the wonderful world of scrip! In your yellow envelope, you will find an order form that lists numerous merchants. These businesses kick back a donation to Sacred Heart School (the percentage our school earns is listed next to each vendor) every time we pay with scrip. Scrip is simply a gift certificate that allows this donation to be processed. Scrip is worth the full value of what you pay.

This is how you fill out the scrip order form:

  1. Circle (if applicable) the denomination of scrip that you prefer. If you do not indicate a preference on orders with a variety of denominations, the volunteer processing the scrip orders will choose for you.
  2. Write the total dollar amount of scrip you want to purchase from each business in the “total” column.
  3. Add up your total order from all of the businesses you selected and write this amount in the “total order” block. Do not add any tax.
  4. Complete the personal information portion of the form.
  5. Make out a check for the total amount due, made payable to Sacred Heart School, and enclose this in the yellow envelope. Or fill in your Master Card/Visa number, expiration date and sign the form.
  6. Return your yellow envelope–along with your order form and check or credit card information–to school by the close of school Monday. Yellow envelopes can be sent in the family envelope, left in any of the yellow scrip boxes in the office or classrooms or left with a scrip volunteer at the yellow scrip table in the parking lot. Any envelope with “Scrip” written on the outside is acceptable. Your scrip will be returned to you in a white envelope with your name on it. Please keep your yellow envelope until you are placing an order.
  7. NOTE: Please return your Scrip Program Permission Form with your first order for the current school year.