Science Olympiad 

The Science Olympiad is a state and national competition designed to improve the quality of science education, increase student interest in science, and provide recognition for outstanding achievement in science education. Students achieve these goals through a combination of classroom activities and after school study sessions.

The Science Olympiad has been part of the Sacred Heart culture since 1993. That year a team of 15 6th, 7th, and 8th grade students participated in the Science Olympiad for the first time and placed second in the state. From that point on, the upper class students have been “hooked on science”. Since 1993, Sacred Heart has been to five National Science Olympiad tournaments as the Idaho Junior High School representatives.

Science Olympiad consists of 23 separate events covering all aspects of science, including Earth, Life, Physical, and Technology. A student participates in several events (usually with a partner) over the course of a single day. Each event is challenging and motivational. An event may require knowledge of scientific facts, process skills, concepts, and/or scientific applications. A team consists of up to 15 students from the same school, possibly competing against schoolmates.

Each year, Sacred Heart brings multiple teams to the state competition. To prepare for each event, parents, community volunteers, and parishioners offer their services in areas in which they are familiar or in areas in which they would like to become familiar.

Students begin studying one or two days per week before Christmas. The state competition usually occurs in early April, with the National competition held at a major university in May. As we travel across the country, our students have the opportunity to see great university campuses and to meet kids from all over the nation.

For more information, visit http://soinc.org/idaho.