The P.A.L.S. Program (Parents Assist Learning in School) is responsible for educating, registering and monitoring volunteers for the various activities in which volunteers are needed. Being accountable to the Sacred Heart Home and School Association and the Sacred Heart School Administration, the P.A.L.S. Program is a Parent/Guardian involvement program that requires a service commitment. This involvement is required for the following reasons:

  1. To help keep school tuition down, while maintaining our emphasis on individual growth and learning.
  2. To involve Parents/Guardian’s in the school and their child(ren)’s education.
  3. To allow the teachers to spend more time directly with your child(ren).

At registration, each family will sign-up for twenty (20) points worth of service commitment to Sacred Heart School, to be fulfilled during the year.

  • Five of your 20 PALS hours must be allocated towards help with our annual dinner/auction, the Gala.
  • For every hour of service worked , one (1) P.A.L.S. point is earned
  • Each P.A.L.S. point is equal to $20.00
  • P.A.L.S. points will be totaled and any unearned points will be assessed at $20.00 per point

If a family chooses to waive their P.A.L.S. point obligation they may pay $400.00 at registration to fulfill this commitment.