The art program at Sacred Heart Catholic School offers students K-8th grade the opportunity to explore the basics of art, various art mediums, art history and learn important life skills. “The Arts” are necessary to the development of a fully rounded education. In the classes an atmosphere is created that displays “there is no wrong way to draw” so each student is able to discover their own unique style. K-8th grade participate in weekly art classes that enriches their educational experience by nurturing creativity and stimulating their imaginations. In the art class, students experience a variety of media and techniques, from painting and drawing to three-dimensional work with papier-mâché and clay. The students are taught the basic elements of art and principles of design, and learn to incorporate these into their work. With each lesson, students are also introduced to a variety of artists and explore their techniques ranging from old masters to pop art to cultural craft and design. At the end of the school year every student had a master piece displayed in our Fine Arts Program!

Along with each grades weekly art class the students have the opportunity to participate in “Free Art Wednesday”, in which the may come to the art room during their recess time or after school to “JUST DO ART”. At this time the students choose their art media! It is their time!