When you are in the process of purchasing hot lunch on FACTS, once your order is complete you will have the ability to select printing your options. This is only available immediately after you make your purchase on FACTS.

We are excited to be rolling out the National School Lunch Program at Sacred Heart! 

  • The cost for school lunches will be $4 this year. Offering $4 per meal is the same price point as last year despite the rise in food costs and our expanded lunch menu. The only increase is milk from .25 to .50 cents. You are only charged for milk if your student wants 2 in one day. Every student gets 1 milk per day whether they have hot or cold lunch.  
  • We have not been officially approved for the National Lunch Program just yet, which means we cannot yet accept applications for free and reduced lunches. We will be sure to let you know when those applications open up. The NSLP will help us with supply costs and allow us to offer a much wider and more healthy variety of food to students--to include a daily salad bar with fresh fruits and vegetables! 
  • Lastly, all hot lunches are completely nut free. There is an option for students to order a prepackaged, sealed Uncrustable sandwich that is not prepared in our kitchen. All students will be screened for nut allergies prior to these being given to students. 

Be sure to select the proper link for the grade level of the student you are ordering for. Please contact sballis@sacredheartboise.com or hlittle@sacredheartboise.com with any questions.


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