Please note, there are some changes in our policy, especially in middle school. 6th graders are now allowed to wear the navy polos and khakis. Also, only 6th-8th graders are required to wear a tie or bowtie, though we love to see them on all grade levels as they look so sharp

PE Uniform Change: ALL students in 5th-8th grade will be changing into a PE uniform. Students must wear the white PE uniform t-shirt that can be purchased through Land's End. Students can wear school appropriate athletic shorts (no spandex). We will allow a grace period for students to order PE shirts through November 1st. The old SHS PE shirts will be permitted this year. Any athletic t-shirt can be worn until Nov. 1st, but student must bring a change of shirt. Uniform shirts will not be allowed.

If you would like to shop at the new Sacred Heart Land's End store, please see the below image for detailed instructions. Use code: RULER and PIN: 4867 to get 20% off!