Blessed Mother Mary

May:  Whenever we look to Mary, we come to believe once again in the revolutionary nature of love and tenderness.  Pope Francis 

Dear Parents,

This was a very special week for our 8th grade students!  They had a week filled with lasts, from the last time in the classrooms, as students; to the last they wore their school uniform.  This was the end of one journey for our 8th grade students, but the beginning of a new and exciting time as well.  This class is prepared to leave Sacred Heart and move on to successes elsewhere.  We celebrated our 8th grade graduates with a special Mass and ceremony on Friday evening.

We are going to miss this exceptional group of students, and will be praying for their continued success, beyond Sacred Heart!

As we approach the end of this school year, it brings me great joy to reflect on the many successes we have seen, especially during a very challenging year.  I am so grateful to our teachers and school staff for the incredible effort they gave this school year.  From the planning that went in last summer, to making it all work each day, our Sacred Heart staff has been amazing!    

I also want to thank you, our families, for your perseverance through this year.  Your support and flexibility have truly been a blessing to all of us.  Your adherence to guidelines and protocols, flexibility with the schedule, and communication have made this year doable.  We have the absolute best families!  

While we are all looking forward to vacations, camps, activities, and a more normal summer, this particular year is ending with a tinge of sadness.  With the end of the year, comes Mrs. Grove & Mrs. Dixon’s retirement.  It is really hard to see these two wonderful ladies leave their roles at Sacred Heart.  With a combined 50 plus years of service, they are leaving an indelible mark on our school and community.  I love them both dearly, and, while it is hard, I am so excited for each of them!  We are praying that their futures are blessed, and that they get to spend quality time enjoying family and retirement. 

Also leaving Sacred Heart, is Dr. Mary McGuire.  Dr. Mary has served as our Reading Specialist the last two years, having already retired from the public school system.  Dr. Mary is looking forward to traveling with her husband, and spending time with family.  She also tells me that, when she is in Boise, she would like to volunteer at our school, to continue helping our students grow into great readers.  I sure hope she has some time for us!

While some doors are closing, they present opportunities for other amazing people to step in and serve our school and students.  I am excited to share that we have filled the 1st grade teacher position, as well as the reading support position.  Our first grade teacher will be Miss Haley Coad.  Miss Coad is a graduate student at the University of Portland, in their PACE Program.  She has her undergraduate degree, and her teaching license, and has been teaching for a year in a Catholic school.  She is excited to join our Sacred Heart community next year, and has already met with Mrs. Grove, as well as our other primary teachers.  Miss Coad comes very highly recommended, and I am anxious to see the gifts she will bring to our first grade classroom and school!   

Mrs. Janet McFadden will be taking over the Reading Specialist position next year.  Mrs. McFadden has been helping with math support at Sacred Heart this past school year.  She is a retired teacher, and is incredibly skilled.  Our students will be in very capable hands! 

As I look around the school these last couple of weeks and take in just how much our students can change and grow in a year, I find myself in awe.  Our staff is truly blessed to witness and be a part of the spiritual, intellectual, emotional, and physical growth of so many children.  I pray that this school year has been as exciting and rewarding for you, as it has been for those of us who get to work with your children.  Thank you for allowing us this opportunity! 

Just a reminder, school ends on Wednesday, May 26th!  We will have Mass with our student body at 10:30, with an awards assembly following Mass.  We will be live streaming this event, and will send out details on how to watch.  After lunch on Wednesday, we will have our field day activities, and will end the day by handing out report cards.  There is no school on Thursday, the 27th.  

In Christ, 

Brock Carpenter