May Crowning

SLE – Respectful attitude toward others in all we do:  Sustained by faith, man is to live a life of love of God and of his fellow men. This is his greatest responsibility, and the source of his greatest dignity. A man's holiness, whatever his vocation or state of life may be, is the perfection of love of God.  Basic Teachings for Catholic Religious Education, 1973, #18

 Dear Parents,

 It is hard to believe, but we only have two weeks left in this school year!  Students and teachers are busy in the classrooms finishing their final projects and getting the last bit of material covered.  If you have any questions on your child’s grades or assignments, now is the time to contact teachers.  Please don’t wait until the last week of school.

 Though we have not had our normal spring, with plays, concerts, and field trips, it has felt especially busy around the school these last couple of weeks, and the next two will be no different.  Next week we will be preparing our 8th graders for their graduation on Friday evening.  They will have a retreat on Wednesday, practice and class party on Thursday, and graduation on Friday.  I struggle to get my mind around this class wrapping up their Sacred Heart career.  It’s a hard time for me every year, but this class especially, as my son will be graduating.  I am so proud of this class, their accomplishments, and the amazing young men and women they have become.  Please join us in praying for this special group of students, as they begin to transition to the next phase of their life.

I want to thank you all for the wonderful birthday this week.  I had a fun day, as students surprised me with cards, gifts, and happy birthday wishes!  Our sixth graders had a plan for my whole day, which included celebrating some of my favorite movies, music, and even some mischief in my truck at the end of the day!  They were awesome!   

 Reminder – We have only one more Blimpie Monday, and the last day for hot lunch is May 21st. 

As many of you are aware, the mask mandate in Boise was lifted today, both indoor and outdoor.  The Central Health District continues to recommend mask wearing for students in schools.  We will not be changing our mask policy at this time.  We are going to finish these last two weeks, with our policy as it is.  However, we are excited about the prospect of having some changes to this policy for the next school year!

 Have a wonderful weekend, and thank you for sharing your amazing children with us!


In Christ,

Brock Carpenter