Even death trembles when a Christian prays, because it knows that everyone who prays has an ally who is stronger than it: the Risen Lord.  Pope Francis

Dear Parents,

The quote above, from Pope Francis this week, is a reminder of the importance of prayer.  On Monday morning, I reminded our students to continue their commitment to prayer, just as they did through Lent.  Many of us added extra prayer to our daily routines through the season of Lent, and I encouraged them, as I do you, to continue the practice of praying often, and through all things.  

This weekend we begin our Spring fundraiser, the 300 @ $300 campaign.  You should receive an email today from Stephanie Ballis, our Marketing & Development Director.  The email will give you information about the fundraiser, and how to make a donation.  Like last year, unfortunately, we are unable to gather together to celebrate our school at a gala event.  We are anxious for that opportunity, but while we can’t gather physically, yet, we can come together in spirit and support.  We are asking each family to prayerfully consider making some type of donation this year.  If we have 300 donors contribute $300 we will achieve our goal, and fully meet the needs of this current year’s budget.  Last year we received a tremendous response to this fundraiser, and we are praying that we can count on everyone again this year.  We are so grateful for our families and extended community.  Please share this opportunity to support our school and students, and join us all in praying for the success of this year’s 300 @ $300 campaign.  Thank you and God bless you! 

We received some tough news this past weekend.  It was announced at Masses that Fr. Rob will be leaving Sacred Heart this summer.  In July, he is being moved to Sandpoint to serve as pastor.  I can’t express what a blessing it has been to work with Fr. Rob the past 10 years.  He has been a huge support to our school, and an incredible leader.  I am very disappointed to see him go, but I trust that God has good things in store for both Fr. Rob, and us.  In July, we will welcome Fr. Roger Fernando, who will be joining us from St. Ann Catholic Church in Bonners Ferry.  Please join me in prayer for Fr. Rob & Fr. Roger, as they transition to new parishes.

Don’t forget that next week is a short week.  We have no school next Friday.  Teachers & staff have the day off to catch up on grading, planning, etc.  The school office will not be open next Friday.

God bless you all, I pray that you have a wonderful weekend, and enjoy the beautiful spring weather we are having!

In Christ,

Brock Carpenter