Blessed Mother Mary

Only those who leave behind their earthly attachments in order to set out will find the mystery of God.  Pope Francis

Dear Parents,

The words above, from Pope Francis, remind us of how temporary and unimportant our material belongings are.  While each of us wants our children to be successful and do well in life, a personal relationship with Christ is invaluable.  Let us not forget that each day we are called to be SAINTS.  The lessons we teach our children are about the salvation of souls.  I’m praying that you all are having a good LENT!

Today was the end of the Third Quarter of School.  We only have one full quarter of school left this year!  Again, I can’t say enough, how proud I am of our students, staff, and families.  Our perseverance, commitment, and flexibility over the course of the last year has been simply astounding.  Thank you to our parents, grandparents, and parishioners for all of their support in making this year work!  We are so blessed!

As the weather is warming up, it is time to address a couple of things in our dress code.  Please make sure young ladies are wearing their school plaid skirts/jumpers on Mass days.  We will not be allowing pants on Mass days for the rest of the year.  Also, as students are wearing shorts to school more frequently, please make sure their socks adhere to the dress code.  Socks should be plain white, navy, or black, and should be unadorned (no stripes, logos, etc.).  We will continue to allow sweatshirts in the classrooms, if students need them, but we will not be allowing them to wear coats in classrooms.  These can become more of a distraction in the classroom.  Thank you!

We are still accepting donations for the St. Vincent de Paul clothing drive.  Please place your donations in the barrels outside the school office.

We are excited to announce new Crusader Gear is available to purchase.  We have partnered with ISG Print & Embroidery, to provide spirit wear for our students, staff, and families.  We have some really fun options for students and adults, and ISG is donating 25% of purchases back to the school!  We are so happy to partner with ISG, as they are owned and operated by Sacred Heart graduate, Brittany Brady, and her husband Tim.  See the Newsletter for the webstore link, and check out all our new Crusader Gear!    

One last item this week, regarding drop-off and pick-up.  I have noticed more and more families parking on Cassia to pick up your students.  Please be mindful of the entrance and exits to our parking lot.  Parking right up against the exit creates and dangerous blind spot for cars trying to exit our lot.  It is very hard to see oncoming traffic when cars are parked so close.  We had a parent come very close to getting hit this week, as they could not see a vehicle traveling by the school, on Cassia.  Please try to leave at least one to two car lengths on either side of the exit.  Thank you!

In Christ,

Brock Carpenter