Scrip Binder

At Sacred Heart, you hear about Scrip often. Whether it be a flyer in the family envelope or Mrs. Peterson standing at the Scrip table at student drop off (oh how we miss the pre-COVID days). But what exactly is Scrip and how does it help our school? For starters, Scrip is a gift card and EVERYONE can use Scrip cards.  You can use them to buy groceries, clothes, gas, appliances, even pay for your hotels when you are out of town. Venders include Amazon, Fred Meyer, Albertsons, Walmart, Target, Visa, restaurants, and so much more.  If you purchase Scrip for local vendors like Dutch Bros and Westside Drive-In, they will give 20% back to Sacred Heart! It really adds up. 

Just in the month of December, our Scrip sales generated approximately $5,000 for our school! Typically, we raise around $10,000 a year through our Scrip program, but we would love to see that number go up! The new Raise Right phone application makes it as easy as scanning a bar code on your phone at any participating Scrip vendor. If you have any questions on the Raise Right app or need a tutorial, please let the front office know. 

So next time you are planning your grocery list or think to stop for coffee, consider using Scrip for your next purchase!