Principal Letter 12/18/20

December SLE – Respectful attitude toward others in all we do:  Advent is a time for us to prepare for the coming of Jesus, Prince of Peace. It's a time to make peace with ourselves and our neighbors. Pope Francis

Dear Parents,

I pray that you and your families are preparing, in your own way, for the coming of Jesus, at Christmas.  It is a magical season, in so many ways… May God bless your family with Peace and Joy!

As we close out this first semester of school, we are so thankful for our successes.  School has been open since September.  Our enrollment is strong.  We have not been significantly impacted by COVID-19 cases at school.  It really has been a good semester, considering our circumstances.  While the semester has been good overall, we are also aware that the split classrooms, in many of our grades, has been a social/emotional challenge for our students.  While we cannot put our classes back in common rooms, we have discussed options to help improve this situation. 

After discussing this issue with staff and our School Board, we would like to allow our students to play at recess, with all the students in their grade.  We would emphasize social distancing, they would be wearing their masks, and, as usual, the students would all wash hands when they come in from recess.  We know that a big part of “school” is getting to see and interact with friends and classmates.  Our social and emotional health is so important, and it is being tested right now.  It is our hope that allowing our students to play together may help with some of the challenges this last year has brought them.

Today is the end of the 2nd quarter of school.  Grades will be finalized and report cards sent home the week we get back from Christmas Break.

As a reminder, we will follow the same guidelines, coming back from the Christmas Break, as we did at Thanksgiving.  Please be aware of your possible exposure to Covid-19, and take the necessary precautions when it’s time for students to come back to school.  If you have traveled, been in large groups, etc., you are encouraged to keep your students home for the first week of school.  If you have any questions, you are always welcome to contact the office for clarification or guidance.

I pray that you all experience a blessed and safe Christmas and New Year.  May Christ be with each of you and your families!

In Christ the Teacher,

Brock Carpenter