Principal Letter 11/6/20

November SLE – Compassion by sharing our time, talents, and treasures:  Go and show love to everyone, because your life is a precious mission: it is not a burden to be borne, but a gift to offer.  Pope Francis

Dear Parents,

 As we begin a new month at school, we have started talking about the Schoolwide Learning Expectation of Compassion.  On Monday, I visited with students about really trying to be aware of the people around us, certainly our friends, family, classmates, etc., but also our neighbors, the person walking by us at the store, or the homeless person on the corner.  I asked them to try and think about what someone else is going through & experiencing.  In those moments, we can share Christ’s love for one another.  With a smile, with a hug, with kind words, or some other acknowledgement of where they are.  I pray that we can all see past the exterior of those around us and be more aware of what others are going through and how we can share God’s love with them.

I hope that you all had a fun & safe Halloween weekend!  I was able to be here for our Trunk or Treat event last Saturday, which turned out great!  I want to thank all of our families who participated, decorating their cars and handing out candy, manning a game/booth, and all of those who came to enjoy the day.  It was a little warmer than I expected, and quite feel like a Halloween day, but it looked like everyone had a good time anyway.  Thank you all for supporting our school and students!

Parents, please remember that Friday’s are Mass days.  We have had several students show up on Friday not in Mass Dress.  Boys need to be in navy pants, white button up shirts, and ties for 5th-8th graders.  Girls need to be in their plaid skirts, skorts, or jumpers.  We do not have a large selection of ties in the office, so please be sure to find or buy your school ties at home.  Thank you for your help!

I have to say that I did not adjust well to the time change this weekend.  Even though we gained an hour, I’ve been way tired.  I’m grateful that today is Friday!

Please check the newsletter and family envelopes for the flyers about Thanksgiving Food Boxes.  We will be collecting food from families to help those in need over the upcoming holiday.

Please keep in prayer those of our community who are sick, injured, and suffering.  Also, join me in praying for peace and unity in our country.

In Christ,

Brock Carpenter